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Dermoscopy, Trichoscopy & Onychoscopy in Diseases of the Pigmented Skin (An Atlas and Short Text)
Uday S Khopkar,Ankit H Bharti

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Publish Year2020
Size4.75" x 6"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 425
Quick Overview
Dermoscopy is a rapidly expanding imaging technique that has caught the fancy of clinicians and patients alike. New observations are still being made to open exciting opportunities for clinical research. This is the revised and updated 2nd edition of Dermoscopy, Trichoscopy and Onychoscopy in Diseases of the Pigmented Skin: An Atlas and Short Text. Several new chapters have been added and some are completely rewritten by experts in this field. The authors have taken efforts to introduce new dermoscopic images to cover recently described signs and conditions. This should make it instructive to go through this update.
Key Features
• A handy, concise textbook of dermoscopy.
• This is the second edition to the first of a kind dermoscopy textbook from Indian subcontinent edited by Dr.Uday Khopkar who has been practising dermoscopy now for more than 20 years.
• The book begins with a section on Basics of Principles and Techniques of Dermoscopy giving a sense of evolution of dermoscopy instrument over the last century. This is followed by a compilation of terminologies, the pros and cons of various available dermoscopy equipments.
• A new addition is the devoted chapter on regional variation in dermoscopy of normal skin, which has never been described yet.
• A separate section is devoted to Disorders of Hyperpigmentation like melasma, exogenous ochronosis, Schamberg's disease, etc. This is followed by a section on Disorders of Hypopigmentation like leprosy, vitiligo, and idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis and then a section of inflammatory papulosquamous disorders.
• Another novel addition to this book is a devoted section on onychoscopy. A focused chapter on onychoscopy of nail psoriasis and onychomycosis and neoplastic nail disorders is added.
• The section on Trichoscopy is also updated. The last section describes some unique disorders such as granulomas, benign and malignant neoplasms of skin and dermoscopy of vascular lesions of skin, and dermoscopy of infections and infestations.
• A chapter on unconventional practices in dermoscopy using a mobile phone or self-illumination lenses is best for those inclined toward adapting new technology.
• Enhanced by more than 1000 clinical and dermoscopic images.
Target Audience

• Practicing dermatologists, PG Students of Dermatology
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