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Ward Rounds in Dermatology
Bela J Shah MD
Santosh Rathod MD (Skin and VD) DNB

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Publish Year2017
Size6" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
This book provides a refreshing view of several clinical presentations that generally require admission, and discusses all the diagnostic aspects and management in great details. Dedicated chapters on immunosuppressives, corticosteroids, antibiotics and signs in dermatology make reading interesting. Discussion on recent aspects (e.g. in relation to autoimmune-blistering disorders) improves the already rich value of the book. The book contains practically everything one would want to know about common, and some not-so-common clinical situations. It elaborates the theoretical discussions (which one would have anyway read elsewhere to build up the conceptual framework) and provides enough practical details.
Key Features
• Covers richly illustrated comprehensive text including all the common indoor admissions in dermatology wards

• Includes stepwise diagnostic algorithms given for each case

• Details clinical history, bedside tests, laboratory diagnoses and therapy extensively

• Contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) and chapters on immunosuppressant antibiotics and antihistaminic drugs.
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