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Practical Guide for Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
K Tamilmani MD (FM)

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2017
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
This book includes discussion of practical aspects of forensic medicine and toxicology in a crystal clear manner, and yet in a nutshell. The author has carefully elicited the key points of subject, which are needed to all those involved in Medicolegal Practice. The information compiled is very useful and authentic. This will be useful for undergraduates, postgraduates, general practitioners, forensic scientists, police fraternity, and judiciary officials. This book contains numerous charts, certificates, proformas, tables and photographs, which will be very useful to all. It is ultimately handy and readily accessible reference guide to forensic medicine and toxicology, students.
Key Features
• A guide to the student’s community for practical knowledge of legal aspects of medicine

• Contains most of the practical aspects in forensic medicine and toxicology which would cover standard university syllabi

• Contains color photographs, models and certificate formats. The points in brief are presented in boxes for rapid revision

• The subject is explained in short and crystal clear format via diagrams, tables, proformas and pictures. These topics have been carefully selected and are applicable to all medicolegal issues

• Clinical Forensic Medicine, which is one among the emerging areas in forensic medicine and toxicology, is also discussed in this book

• The source of information is authentic, accurate and up-to-date

• The recent/ emerging medicolegal issues, Transplant Human Organ Act and DNA analysis are also discussed

• Model exercises are given for all topics

• Very useful to students as it may help while preparing for practical examinations.
Target Audience
Undergraduates, postgraduates, general practitioners, forensic scientists, police fraternity, and judiciary officials.
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