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Research and Biostatistics for Nurses (As per INC Syllabus)
R Sudha MSc (N) PhD

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Publish Year2017
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 800
Quick Overview
This book has been written specifically to meet the needs of the nursing students and to draw their interest towards nursing research. It has been organized into two sections—Section 1: Research and Section 2: Biostatistics. In Research section, the chapters are arranged according to the steps of research process and each chapter explains every step in a simple way to help the students learn the concepts easily. In Biostatistics section, the chapters are sequenced from simple to complex concepts, i.e. descriptive to inferential statistics, each with adequate exercises and lot of examples. This book would get the learners involved, keep them on track and help them reach the final destination with great confidence
Key Features
• The chapters on Research and Statistics have been organized into two sections.

• Each and every step of research process is explained with lots of examples.

• Specific learning objectives have been included in all chapters.

• Concepts of research and statistics are well-correlated with the examples from the field of nursing.

• Descriptive and inferential statistical methods are explained in an easy way by using examples from health and nursing.

• Theoretical portions of statistics are well explained.

• Many sums are worked out step-by-step for each statistical method. These steps are self-explanatory.

• Different formulas are explained and worked out to solve a statistical problem.

• Questions and exercises are given at the end of the chapters.

• Covers all INC syllabus of DGNM, BSc (N), PBBSc (N) and MSc (N).

• A single comprehensive textbook which cover the concepts of research and statistics exclusively.
Target Audience
Nursing students.
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