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Creative Tools & Techniques of Multidimensional Educational Methods in Nursing
Cecy Correia

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Publish Year2017
Size8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 1000
Quick Overview
India is a vast country with multiple needs as well as problems. Though our country is approaching towards digitalization, yet we have a large number of people who are still uneducated, unreached, and for whom the skilled high-tech India is a distant reality. In this context, this book comes as significant and useful, where the students and other readers will appreciate the practice of age-old methods of education, yet using the latest technological advances, both together in one single platform The nursing students and teachers can use this book as a tool in multiple and creative ways in different areas of work in rural and urban fields as well as in practical demonstration The author has explained the concept in a very simple way. The approach is very scientific, practical and methodical. The notable features of the book lie in its title, which is independent in itself by dividing the matter in the form of various headings and sections. The content of the chapters will help the nurses enrich their knowledge and can be a useful guide, and the students can change with the changing times.
Key Features
• It is based on Community Health Nursing syllabus.

• Helpful for students and teachers to prepare health educational topics for rural and urban areas and to carry out procedures in the field area as a guide.

• Presented in a unique and simple layout.

• Enriched with many figures explaining the work carried out in the field.

• Latest technological advances in methods of education are incorporated in one single book.
Target Audience
Undergraduate students.
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