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Interesting Cases in Echocardiography (Includes DVD-ROM)
Navin C Nanda MD

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Publish Year2017
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 1700
Quick Overview
The book is organized into 11 sections, all of which consist of case presentations. The pattern followed in many cases consists of a brief patient history and relevant clinical findings, echocardiographic images/movie clips, one or more multiple-choice questions with correct answers provided and a short relevant discussion. Pertinent references are also given in some cases. The first three sections of the book deal with the mitral, aortic, tricuspid and pulmonary valves as well as the aorta and pulmonary hypertension. The next two sections cover prosthetic valves, rings, plugs and clips, and infection and endocarditis respectively. These are followed by coronary artery disease, and left/right ventricles and cardiomyopathies. Pericardial disorders, tumors and masses, and congenital heart disease are dealt with next. The last section consists of miscellaneous cases plus a few cases which were submitted late and, hence, could not be accommodated in the relevant sections. Almost all cases predominantly deal with echocardiography with some showing comparisons with other techniques, mainly magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomographic scans. Only magnetic resonance images are shown in a couple of cases.
Key Features
• This comprehensive text is a compilation of more than 250 clinical cases and 800 video clips from echocardiographers and cardiologists all over the world.

• Divided into eleven sections, cases cover all functions of the heart and associated disorders and infections.

• Most cases are presented in a uniform format, detailing patient history, clinical findings, echocardiographic images and video clips, and one or more multiple choice questions with answers, followed by general discussion on the topic.

• The majority of cases have an emphasis in echocardiography, with some drawing comparisons with other techniques, predominantly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomographic (CT) scans.

• Edited by internationally recognised expert Navin C Nanda from University of Alabama.

• This book features nearly 600 images and a DVD ROM providing echocardiographic video clips.

• Useful to all physicians (cardiologists, internists, family physicians, anesthesiologists, cardiac surgeons, radiologists and intensive care physicians), ultrasound technologists, and paramedical personnel, who already have some background in cardiac ultrasound, but are interested in learning its usefulness in day-to-day clinical practice.
Target Audience
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