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Practical Cardiac Electrophysiology
Kartikeya Bhargava MD DNB FACC FISHNE FHRS
Samuel J Asirvatham MD FACC FHRS

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Publish Year2017
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 2100
Quick Overview
Practical Cardiac Electrophysiology is largely clinically oriented and constitutes 47 chapters covering the spectrum of clinical diagnosis and management of arrhythmias, in and out of the electrophysiology laboratory. There is extensive coverage of all our “tools” including mapping equipment, ablation catheters and lab setup. There is an excellent chapter on practical cardiac anatomy, a must read for the serious student of the electrophysiology.
The book not only covers the most current fashionable entities and procedural skills, but also covers the less glamorous but necessary areas such as sinus node function testing.
Key Features
Practical Cardiac Electrophysiology is a clinical and practical textbook that emphasizes the fundamentals of clinical electrophysiology in order to best understand the complexities encountered in the invasive electrophysiology laboratory. The points of focus include cardiac anatomy, biophysics, electrocardiography, and the physiology behind commonly performed maneuvers. After establishing these cornerstones of our field, the complexities of even the most difficult arrhythmias are presented in a correlative and straightforward manner.
A specific attempt has been made to keep the content understandable and useable at the same time comprehensive so as to benefit the spectrum of trainees, allied staff, practicing electrophysiologists, and senior cardiologists. Such a balance would not have been possible without the contributions including masters and international experts in their respective field for the 47 chapters that make this book. Each chapter is extensively illustrated, and many are based on case examples to aid the reader in relating the information provided to their own practice. Brief editorial summaries at the end of each chapter help in putting the context in perspective, and extensive referencing should guide the reader with their further reading.
Target Audience
Trainees, allied staff, practicing electrophysiologists, and senior cardiologists.
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