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Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Skin Diseases
Virendra N Sehgal MD FNASC FAMS FRAS (London)

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Publish Year2016
Size4.75" X 7"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 300
Quick Overview
The contents ofChapter 3 (Drugs that may Cause Specific Side Effects) are updated by incorporating the definitions of Specific Dermatoses, which may accrue as adverse effects following administration of drug(s) bearing generic and/or brand name in order to facilitate to counter them by appropriate measures, including immediate withdrawal of the incriminating drug(s). The volume of Chapter 5 (Drugs Formulary of Dermatological Preparations) has also been increased by the inclusion of a few recent and a new drug formulary. A new Chapter 6 (Biologics: Therapeutic Applications), an upcoming fascinating subject, has been added to enrich the existing drug choices for various dermatoses.
Their indications, the generic and the brand names along with their doses and modes of administration are highlighted. And emphasis on their adverse effects has been vividly outlined as an alert.
Emergency Dermatology too has been given attention, and new chapters on Erythroderma and Angioedema have been included emphasizing their diagnostic criteria and management strategies.
Key Features
The text of the book is unique for it takes cognizance of succinct morphology of skin lesion, which ultimately facilitates to form instant diagnosis of common skin diseases.

It is capped by tabulation of generic and brand name of the drugs options in vogue for treatment of skin diseases.

Besides, it carries drug formulary of dermatological preparations for instant reference.

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