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Contraception: Past, Present and Future
Editors: Ashwini Bhalerao-Gandhi MD DGO DFP FCPS DNB FICOG
Basab Mukherjee MD FICOG FRCOG
Co-Editor: Madhushri Pandey MBBS MS (Obs and Gyne)

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2016
Size 6.25" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 800
Quick Overview
This monograph on contraception addresses an important issue of reproductive health. The concept of this book is bringing together all the relevant details along with current literature review on all aspects of family welfare. While a lot of material is available on various contraceptive options, a comprehensive yet practical reference volume is the need of the hour. That is the idea behind the book.
Details of each method of family planning, from barrier contraceptives to hormonal methods, the intrauterine devices and their evolution and the current updated methods of male and female sterilization are discussed in detail by the various experts. Special emphasis on counseling and needs of special groups like adolescents, perimenopausal women, etc. have been given importance along with programs of increasing health awareness.
The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) Policy statements, Ideal consent forms, details of various Internet sites complete the need for information for every practicing gynecologist as well as postgraduate students.
Key Features
• Provides excellent and elaborate information regarding various contraceptive methods

• Includes 6 sections subdivided into 47 chapters

• Covers history of contraception, details of currently available methods and future possibilities in the ever-expanding field of contraception.
Target Audience
Practicing gynecologists, policy makers, health providers and postgraduate students as well as teachers.
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