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SRB’s Manual of Surgery
Sriram Bhat M MS (General Surgery)

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Publish Year2023
Size8.5" x 11"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
Book covers all aspects of surgery in three sections—General Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgeries, and Specialities and Other Surgeries. Each chapter begins with surgical anatomy and physiology; essential relevant investigations; different topics discussed in an orderly fashion so that readers will have flow of thoughts and materials with a lucid language. Every topic in all chapters is covered as per syllabus including CBME. Definition, pathophysiology, clinical features, evaluation methods and treatment are highlighted so that students can understand the subject in an analytical way rather than memorising the subject. Brief operative techniques are added wherever they are needed. Adequate good quality photographs, illustrations are placed so that students can imagine the clinical entity better way. Image provokes imagination which leads into analytical approach. Even though guidelines are provided in managing patients, finally surgery is the analysis, decision making and careful implementation of the strategy in a defined way. CBME syllabus was added with several newer topics like metabolic response to injury, tissue engineering, etc. Online MCQs are added chapter-wise so that students can have idea how MCQs are asked in different chapters. Case scenarios are added with clinical and/or operative or imaging photographs with brief clinical aspects. Conclusion and brief managements of such case scenarios is highlighted.
Key Features
  • Exclusive photographs and illustrations are incorporated relevant to topics.
  • Text material is adequately updated to meet the requirements of undergraduates, postgraduates and students appearing for entrance examinations as well as surgical practitioners.
  • CBME syllabus is included and accordingly topics are added appropriately.
  • Online MCQs are given for each chapter so that students can prepare for entrance examinations also.
  • Recent advances, newer therapeutic modalities, concepts are added at suitable places in all chapters.
  • Case scenarios are added in many important chapters so that students understand the subject and can apply these in managing the surgical patients.
  • Clinical examination videos are added to important chapters so that students can correlate clinically also.
Target Audience
MBBS Students
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