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Advances in CLOT Treatment (ACT): A Textbook of Cardiology
Editors-in-Chief: HK Chopra
Navin C Nanda
Jagat Narula
GS Wander
CN Manjunath
Praveen Chandra
Viveka Kumar
CK Ponde
AK Pancholia

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Publish Year2023
Size8.5" x 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
It is the first publication of its kind in the form of a textbook of cardiology from India to the world. Over 300 contributors from India and abroad have contributed their prestigious chapters in this book, focuses on every aspect of clot management with enormous information about advances in clinical approach, imaging including echocardiography, multimodality imaging, drug, mechanical and surgical interventions for better patient care with clot inflicted morbidity and mortality reduction in various clinical situations and has tremendous innovative and research potential of understanding advances and innovations in clot care for the undergraduates, postgraduates, practicing cardiologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, neurologists, critical care, pulmonologists, pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, physicians, cardiovascular surgeons, imaging experts and nutritionists, etc. The book including 36 sections and 158 chapters.
Key Features
  • The book provides wide range of information important to an understanding and advancement in clot treatment or prevention.
  • It covers the clinical aspects, diagnosis, and advancement in thrombosis management.
  • The chapters are well outlined, structured, well written and referenced.
  • The writing style of every chapter is vivid, concise and practical.
  • There are excellent graphics, tables, figures and algorithms that present the relevant information.
  • Contributors from diverse areas, from clinical, industrial, and academic institutions.
  • This book will represent a milestone for clot management strategies in the world.
Target Audience
This book will serve as an important reference guide for postgraduate students, fellows, internists, cardiologists, neurologists, critical care, pulmonologists, pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, imaging experts and nutritionists, etc.
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