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Orthopedic Exam Review: A Comprehensive Manual for Postgraduates for MS, DNB & Diploma Students

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Publish Year2023
Size8.5" x 11"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Quick Overview
This manual is not a replacement for textbooks. It is just to make your life easy. It is a culmination of the most important points on a topic from multiple sources to help you review topics rapidly months, days, hours and even minutes before the examinations. It serves as a supplementary tool to aid your understanding and preparation. My recommendation is to read each topic in this manual after studying the corresponding topic in your textbook.
Key Features
  • Designed for MS, DNB, and Diploma students, though undergraduates and practicing orthopedic surgeons can also benefit from the concise nature of the manual.
  • Comprises over 300 frequently asked questions in postgraduate examinations and covers more than 90% of the syllabus.
  • Features numerous flowcharts, tables, and diagrams (all hand-drawn) and thus easily reproducible in the examinations.
  • Content is tailored to meet the examiner’s expectations in answer sheets.
  • Answer length is appropriate to the significance and type of topic.
  • Saves significant time spent on note preparation.
Target Audience
MS, DNB, and Diploma students
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