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UG Textbook of Pediatrics

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Publish Year2023
Size8.5" x 11"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
This book is specifically designed to cater to the requirement of undergraduate students pursuing the competency-based pediatric curriculum in India and abroad. In an era where the existing textbooks of pediatrics have become largely theoretical, needlessly bulky, and specialty-based; this tome focuses precisely on the 35 Topics and 406 core Competencies as outlined by the National Medical Commission (NMC).
Key Features
  • Competency Index: An index of NMC Competencies is provided in the preliminary pages to locate every prescribed competency. Additionally, every chapter begins with a list of Competencies covered in that particular chapter.
  • Figures, flowcharts, and clinical photographs: The text is replete with fully colored figures and photographs, to facilitate easy retention. In fact, they form the bulk of the book.
  • Text: The focus remains on the core pediatric topics; the text is to-the-point, concise and yet complete; and interspersed with multiple Tables and Boxes, wherever essential. Every chapter is thoroughly updated.
  • Case scenarios: The text is supplemented by a sprinkling of Case Studies highlighting the common scenarios of common illnesses in children. Case studies are a unique feature of this textbook in keeping with the requirement of competency-based curriculum. These are intended to help students visualize the presentation in the true clinical context.
  • Revision points: Every important topic is followed by a summary of take-home messages in a revision box as “In A Nutshell.” The entire book thus, can be revised in a matter of hours by just reading these boxes.
  • Writing style: The language is simple, the paragraphs short, and the jargon simplified to have a flow in readability. The editing style facilitates understanding. All chapters have been kept on an even keel.
  • The layout: Entire book is in full color, with color-coding to highlight treatment, case studies, revision points, tables, boxes, and suggested reading.
  • Faculty: Contributed by more than 60 teachers of pediatrics from all over the country and from premier institutions.
Target Audience
Target readership: This is a complete book on Pediatrics for the undergraduate medical students. At the same time, this treatise has the potential to serve as a foundation text for those pursuing specialization in Pediatrics.
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