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Textbook of Oral Medicine (With Free Book on Basic Oral Radiology)
Editors: Anil Govindrao Ghom MDS (Oral Medicine and Radiology)
Savita Anil Ghom (Lodam) MDS (Oral Medicine and Radiology)

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Publish Year2022
Size8.5" x 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
The book has been greatly revised to ensure that it will continue to be an important source of information. It is structure to begin with the earliest contact with patient, through history taking, various examination procedures, various investigation procedures, interpreting the clinical and laboratory findings, and formulating treatment.
Key Features
  • This book continues to be an excellent resource for the student to learn clinical presentation of common oral lesions and their management.
  • Flowcharts and tables are incorporated for easy understanding.
  • For quick revision during examination, summary of diseases is given in appendix.
  • A lot of new photographs have been added for better understanding of the disease.
  • Multiple choice questions are included at the end for NEET preparation.
  • With Free Book on Basic Oral Radiology.
Target Audience
This text is primarily for use by undergraduate and postgraduate dental students, private practitioner and dental hygienists can also get benefit from this book.
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