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Basic Concepts of Nursing Procedures
I Clement MSc (N) MSc (Psy) MA (Socio) MA (Child Care and Edu) PhD (N) PGDHA

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Publish Year2018
Size8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 1485
Key Features
Basic nursing is the base and pillar for any skilful nurse. It acquires the background knowledge for a neophyte nurse. This book will be ideal for all budding nurses in the aspect of gaining the knowledge, acquiring good positive attitude about nursing care, and practice the gained knowledge successfully. The author has made all the possible efforts towards providing all basic information based on his established knowledge and practice packed by sound scientific principles. Every attempt has been made to maintain simplicity and lucidity of language and style so that the learner understands the subject very clearly and completely. It covers the present prescribed syllabus for nursing students at degree level.


• Covers entire syllabus as per Indian Nursing Council (INC) and meets the requirements for basic nursing as well as provides the strong base for nursing foundations

• Helps the students to gain the theoretical knowledge about the nursing procedures and also useful as a guide to practice the psychomotor skills in nursing and develop positive attitude toward the nursing profession.

• Nursing procedures are well explained and illustrated with diagrams, tables for better understanding about the nursing care

• Content is illustrated in simple and clear English where the students gain better understanding about the subject and help to excel in examination

• Fulfils the requirements of basic foundations in nursing and covers the general requirements of medical surgical nursing and other specialties

• Figures out the requirements of community health nursing, pediatric nursing, psychiatric and obstetric nursing; therefore, this book will be a boon for nursing students of all years in nursing

• Useful for all the nursing students doing different courses such as regular book for GNM, PBBS(' BSc and as a reference book for MSc Nursing students.

Target Audience
Nursing students.
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