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Histopathology Techniques and its Management
Ramadas Nayak MBBS MD

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Edition1/e Reprint
Publish Year2023
Size6.75" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 650
Quick Overview
This textbook deals with basic histopathology techniques: Introduction and examination of tissue, fixation and fixatives, tissue processing and embedding, decalcification, microtomy and section cutting, frozen section and cryostat, theoretical aspects of staining, hematoxylins and eosin, staining procedure and mounting, demonstration of carbohydrates, pigments and minerals, staining for amyloid, connective tissues stains, stains for lipids, stains for microorganisms, immunohistochemistry, automation in histopathology, museum technique, microscope, photography, biomedical waste & its management and total quality management. This also deals with the management of various problems encountered in histopathology techniques.

This textbook meant for learning histopathology technique. Hence numerous illustrations, photographs, tables, text boxes and figures with different steps in some of the techniques have been incorporated for easy understanding of the subject.
Key Features
• Provides basic concepts of histopathology techniques required to be known by postgraduate students in pathology and students of medical laboratory technology

• Provides knowledge in a simple, lucid and easily understandable and reproducible format

• Concise text in bullet form for easy review and recollection

• Key points are provided in bold type, so that it will help the students to just brush through the entire book within few hours before the examination or viva voce

• Provides frequently asked questions in the examination

• Text enhanced by illustrations, gross photographs, microphotographs, tables and text boxes

• Deals with the management of various problems encountered in histopathology techniques.
Target Audience
Postgraduate students and pathologists.
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