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Review of Cardiac Anesthesia and Cardiac Critical Care with 2,100 MCQs
Section Editors: Yatin Mehta, Deepak Tempe, R Gopinath, K Muralidhar, Rajiv Juneja, Naman Shastri

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Publish Year2017
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 970
Quick Overview
The second edition of the book ‘Review of Cardiac Anesthesia and Cardiac Critical Care’ promotes the value of Multiple Choice Questions for the different exam-going students and junior faculties. Featuring numerous contributions from international and national experts, consultants and specialists in cardiac anesthesia and cardiac critical care is the hallmark of this book. Though the ideal postgraduate examination still needs to be developed, currently multiple choice questions form the backbone of most examinations. This review book with explanation with a special section on echocardiography has been very successful in the first edition of the book itself! With multiple choice questions, it is possible, in a short time, to revise and test a wide range of knowledge and also it is not time-consuming to mark. The book begins with a section on cardiovascular anesthesia. Different sections deal with anatomy and physiology, embryology, cardiovascular drugs, cardio-related disease, transesophageal echocardiography, transthoracic echocardiography and many of the miscellaneous procedures like cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hemodynamic monitoring, bronchoscopy, ACLS, BLS, difficult airway, heart failure and sepsis. The features, strengths and weaknesses are presented in the form of MCQs to help and fulfil the requirements for attempting the examinations. The downside with the MCQs is that the uniformity of making of MCQs is difficult to achieve. MCQ books are, in the present era, achieving respectability among students and faculties worldwide. This book assists both novice and experienced workers in the field to learn from established practitioners in the field of cardiac anesthesia and cardiac critical care. The book will continue to stimulate you from beginning to end and going through the book with its numerous explanations is a pleasure.
Key Features
• In this review, the reader stays current on the latest advanced techniques in the subject of Cardiac Anesthesia with a new section on cardiac critical care-the first of its kind in a MCQ format

• Access comprehensive, problem solving guidance on quantitative aspects of TEE through twenty dedicated chapters on echocardiography with explanations, formulas, schematic diagrams and videos

• Contains 2,100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Cardiac Anesthesia and Critical Care with more than 100 videos on echocardiography

• Well suited for all candidates seeking for DM/FNB/FIACTA fellowship in Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE)/FICC examinations in cardiac anesthesia and cardiac critical care

• Special sections on echocardiography, extracorporeal membrance oxygenation and cardiac critical care form the essence of this MCQ Review

• Online portions in echo with all echo modalities M-mode 2D and 3D both, TTE and TEE based taken mainly from references in Textbook of Cardiac Anesthesia by Kaplan, Echocardiography by Feigenbaum and Navin C Nanda and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) guidelines by Extracorporeal Life Support Organisation (ELSO) registry for all three sections, are included with latest updates.
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