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Text and Atlas on Corneal Pigmentation
Jorge L Alió MD PhD
María Alejandra Amesty MD
Alejandra Rodríguez MSc
Mohamed El Bahrawy MD

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2015
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
The introduction of femtosecond technology as a surgical tool was a great add to the quality of surgery, in the so-called femtosecond-assisted keratopigmentations, along with our two original techniques of manual intrastromal keratopigmentation and superficial automated keratopigmentation, with the use of micronized mineral pigments with a very wide customized colors and hues, ensuring personalized cosmetic appearance for each patient. The improved appearance delivered by cosmetic therapeutic keratopigmentation in non-seeing eyes, the better quality of vision established by functional therapeutic keratopigmentation, in eyes with trauma or iris defects, or simply the higher self-esteem in patients of purely cosmetic keratopigmentation, were all definite means of improving the quality-of-life of hundreds of satisfied patients.
Key Features
• This clinical atlas shows the evolution of this technique over the years with adequate outcomes.

• Experimental atlas describes methods for the purpose of investigations; evolution of the technique; important changes happen with very different and similar pigments; potential toxicity of the pigments; optimal use of the pigments and also the quality and character of their composition.

• Clinical atlas of keratopigmentation cases offers the readers the real facts and possibilities that corneal pigmentation may give our patients for therapeutic, cosmetic functional or purely cosmetic purposes.

• Clinical cases are given for therapeutic purposes.

• Appendices demonstrate the presentations about keratopigmentation in different congresses and conferences since 2008.
Target Audience
Useful for practicing ophthalmologists to understand this technique for the benefit of their patients.
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