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Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas
Bruno Lumbroso MD
David Huang MD PhD
Ching J Chen MD
Yali Jia PhD
Marco Rispoli MD
André Romano MD
Nadia K Waheed MD MPH

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2015
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
The first part of the atlas studies the principles of OCT angiography, the anatomy of retina and choroid, and the characteristic findings of important ocular diseases from an angiographic perspective. In the second part, the authors provide a general update on the state of clinical OCT angiography research in a variety of retinal and choroid disorders. In the third part of the atlas, the authors present technological innovations underway in OCT angiography to understand their future clinical applications and implications. Recently, new technological developments have made OCT angiography imaging even faster and easier for the clinician and patient.
Key Features
• Guide to the understanding and interpretation of Angio-OCT.

• Provides complete overview of technique and interpretation, including terminology.

• Describes use of OCT for diagnosis of ocular diseases and disorders in different parts of the eye, and future developments.

• Highly illustrated with more than 250 clinical images.

• Internationally recognised editor and author team comprising leading clinicians and researchers in ophthalmology and OCT imaging.

• Useful for pathologists to understand the wide range of vascular pathologies discussed in this atlas.
Target Audience
This atlas should serve as a guide to ophthalmologists and technicians as they use OCT angiography in their everyday clinical activities.

Diana V. Do, MD(University of Nebraska College of Medicine). This title includes an access code for an accompanying website with videos


This atlas is a wonderful guide to understanding and interpreting this cutting-edge imaging modality, with beautiful, high-resolution images of clinical cases that illustrate its potential usefulness.


The authors are leaders in this field of retinal imaging and have nobly met the stated aim of showing clinicians the "utility of clinical OCT angiography imaging." They clearly explain the scientific method behind it and beautifully illustrate its use in clinical cases.


Retina specialists and ophthalmologists who care for patients with retinal vascular diseases are the intended audience. The authors have written an excellent book for these clinicians to use.


This is a wonderful atlas that provides powerful, high resolution images of retinal vascular diseases in which OCT angiography can assist in understanding and possibly managing these cases. The beautiful retinal images are clearly the most impressive aspect of the book. The authors should be commended for compiling such a comprehensive set of retina OCT angiography images, which are also accompanied by thoughtful explanations.


Ophthalmologists will be delighted to have this atlas as a part of their library. It is a wonderful addition and provides cutting-edge information on this new imaging modality.

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