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The Art and Science of Cardiac Physical Examination (with Heart Sounds, Jugular and Precordial Pulsations on CD Includes 12-Lead ECG Interpretation) with CD-ROM
Narasimhan Ranganathan MBBS FRCP(C) FACP FACC FAHA
Vahe Sivaciyan BSc MD FRCP(C)

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Publish Year2016
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Quick Overview
The positive feature of book includes innovative and proven effective teaching methods with the use of recordings of not only heart sounds and murmurs but also the actual video-recordings of both normal and abnormal jugular pulsations as well the precordial pulsations together with arterial flow signals and/or the heart sounds for timing of the events in relation to the cardiac cycle.

Every important topic has a summary of salient and practical points from the point of view of clinical assessment. This would serve for quick review as well as act as pointers needing reinforcement. Many illustrations of sounds and murmurs used in the text are derived from digital display of actual audio recordings from patients The pathophysiology of some of the important clinical cardiac conditions are shown in flow diagrams as well as in tabular format permitting logical review and reinforcement. The references given at the end of the chapters are specially chosen to provide a variety of pertinent as well as the classic papers.
Key Features
• Authored by experienced clinicians and teachers, it integrated cardiac physiology and pathophysiology underlying cardiac symptoms and signs.

• Comprehensive, complete, logically organized.

• Includes a companion CD that has audio recordings of heart sounds and murmurs from actual clinical patients.

• CD also contains video recording of both normal and abnormal juglar venous pulsations as well as precordial pulsations from a variety of clinical cardiac disorders with simputaneous heart sounds or arterial Doppler flow signals for timing events.

• Twenty real clinical cases are presented with questions at the end of each patient’s clinical scenarios followed by answers and discussions.

• It provides easier learning steps to achieving mastery.
Target Audience
The purpose of this book is to arm the student of cardiology with the proper techniques and understanding of the art and science of the cardiac physical examination, to dispel myths and confusion and to help develop skills required of any astute clinician.
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