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Practical Handbook of OCT
Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2015
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
In this second edition of the Practical Handbook of OCT, we offer a step-by-step guide for interpreting images and data acquired by OCT, “en face” OCT and OCT Angiography. In these pages, as in all the handbooks, we have written on Ocular Imaging, we have applied a logical method for interpreting ophthalmic images. The first phase is analytic: it subdivides each image into its smallest parts. The second phase of this method combines these elementary components to synthesize the data, allowing an accurate diagnosis and treatment decision.
Key Features
Practical Handbook of OCT is a teaching tool to explain the contents of the complex images produced by the modern OCT. It is not an Atlas. It teaches a logical method of interpretation and gives guidelines in assisting interpretation and diagnostic decision making. After explaining the analysis and synthesis method it describes separately the elementary OCT lesions. Then it shows how these elementary lesions combine together to form the most frequent and less frequent clinical syndromes and situations. It applies the classical Cartesian method of analysis followed by synthesis to OCT to teach how to disentangle the complex web of information.

This second edition offers a step-by-step guide for interpreting images and data acquired by OCT, En Face OCT and OCT Angiography. It also informs Clinicians and Technicians on the recent advances in OCT imaging.
Target Audience
It will help Ophthalmologists, Residents in Ophthalmology, Optometrists and Retina Specialists understand and appreciate the new possibilities offered by latest OCT devices.
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