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Practical Clinical Oncology
Praful Desai MS FRCS FACS

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
The present text on “Practical Clinical Oncology” is welcome, important and necessary. This is the first composite Indian text on cancer, written by numerous well-known oncologists and other distinguished doctors associated with the diagnosis and management of cancer, working in our country. Majority of health care problems are often entwined with socio-economic conditions and lifestyle issues. Cancer is no exception. Demographic factors show a continuing rise in its frequency and incidence. In an era of information overload and practice changing paradigms in cancer, a sense of equipoise needs to be maintained. One more text on “CANCER” may appear superfluous and yet the authors contend that the vast majority of our busy oncologists, surgeons, physicians and pathologists working beyond the academic and tertiary cancer centers need a practical approach to the commonly occurring cancers in our country. This, in essence, is the primary objective of this compilation. The authors therefore address only commonly occurring solid tumors, the lymphoproliferative disorders and common neuro-oncology problems. Rare and uncommon cancers have been excluded. This book, therefore, is indeed not a treatise on cancer.

In the new millennium changing paradigms are being witnessed in approach to oncology due to fundamental research as well as technologic and therapeutic innovations. Evidence based medicine are the modern buzz words signifying some progress towards a standard of care for cancer control and cure. Real progress in science and medicine is a painfully slow process and no quantum jump can be expected towards a cancer cure. Fundamental principles of complementary cancer management has remained steadfast, however, conservation surgery, morbidity reduction, greater attention to quality of life issues and palliation for terminal care must receive due consideration. The book addresses these issues in a comprehensive manner. It is needed to show patience towards alternative medicine and greater scientific ethos, as nearly 50% of patients seek alternative medicine along with the current standard of care.
Key Features
Practical Clinical Oncology presents a concise approach to prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic aspects of commonly occurring cancers. Paucity of organized oncology centers and adequate number of oncologists mandates that nearly 60% of cancer patients are managed at community and teaching hospitals by our professional non-oncology colleagues. Even in the metropolitan areas, larger cities and towns a holistic therapeutic approach is not always possible for optimal cancer care. This compilation indeed is not a treatise on oncology; however, it attempts to present oncology sciences in a practical way which can be easily and effectively practised by surgeons and physicians, who share a significant load of cancer therapy.

Socioeconomic constraints impact on health management. Hopefully, this can be mitigated to an extent and colleagues practising in smaller cities, towns and even rural areas will find this book useful. Postgraduates in oncology disciplines and even general surgery will be able to appraise themselves to the current state of treatment in cancer care.
Target Audience
Useful for oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, postgraduate trainees and to all those interested or involved in the care and management of cancer patients.

Joseph Chao, M.D.(City of Hope)


Cancer is a worldwide health problem. Epidemiology, risk factors, and healthcare access can differ from country to country, and these differences may need to be taken into account to ensure quality care for every cancer patient. This reference for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common malignancies highlights the special considerations in India's healthcare environment.


The purpose is fourfold: 1) to provide an overview of the diagnosis and medical management of common malignancies encountered by Indian practitioners; 2) to describe the biology, molecular genetics, pathology, epidemiology, and natural history of these tumors; 3) to cover in depth specific clinical scenarios that may be encountered in cancer patients; and 4) to emphasize the importance of successful multidisciplinary management of certain cancers. These objectives are necessary for the care of oncology patients, and the authors provide a fairly comprehensive overview.


The audience includes medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, and physicians in any specialty involved in the care of cancer patients in India. Other healthcare professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, medical students, and postgraduate trainees also may find this to be a useful reference. The authors are expert, credible authorities from major medical centers in India.


This book covers several important areas of oncology care, including historical context, all major modalities of therapy (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy), and a brief synopsis of research directions for the field.

Photographs, diagrams, and radiographic images are plentiful to aid in understanding of the topics. Other strengths include case series, clinical trials, and the experience of patients treated at major medical centers in India, when applicable. As a comprehensive textbook of oncology, it has chapters on supportive care aspects for the cancer patient, including such as topics as pain management, palliative care, oncologic anesthesia, stoma care, and treatment of opportunistic infections. One shortcoming is that more recent clinical trials that have been practice-changing are not included. However, this book should serve as good background information for readers when they survey the medical literature.


This is a fairly well-written, comprehensive book that covers the medical care of common malignancies which affect the Indian populace. The chapter contributions by the many oncology specialists from the country's leading medical centers present a needed viewpoint and approach that caters to the unique healthcare resources available in India.

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