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Exercise Book of Nursing Research (For MSc, BSc and Post Basic BSc Students)
Indarjit Walia PhD MSc (Community Health Nursing)

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypePaper Back
Weight (Grams) 400
Quick Overview
Developing nursing research plan, executing it and dissemination of its findings require competency which would be attained by actual conduct of research in nursing by using different research designs and repeating the process. This leads to conduct research with minimum time, less corrections, less repetition of process, more accuracy, better expressions of research terminology and comprehensive report of the research findings.

The present nursing research exercise book is an effort towards helping students to develop competencies in different aspects of the conduct of research. The best thing in the research is for student to work on variety of nursing research designs, research measurements, methods of data collection, use of presentation of research findings and preparing to present the research data through publication or oral presentations. Nursing research student can conduct the exercise at own speed, in consultation to the literature, guides and the teachers. The exercise book can be used by nursing research teachers to make their teaching more meaningful and interesting for the student. Thus, this exercise book is for the use of both — that is teachers and the students. The exercises conducted and recorded in the exercise book can serve a record for formative evaluation of the teaching and learning of nursing research.
Key Features
• This Exercise Book of Nursing Research will serve as an eminent tool for practice, useful for not only undergraduate, postgraduate students but also for professional nurses.

• All important exercises have been included in the exercise book for increasing the efficiency and competency of students and nurses.

• The language is kept simple which aids better understanding and is student friendly.

• The sole purpose ofthe book is to sharpen the skills of students and further contributing to the Nursing profession.
Target Audience
MSc, BSc and Post Basic BSc Students.
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