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Wills Eye Strabismus Atlas
Leonard B Nelson MD
Robert A Catalano MD

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2014
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
It is important for residents not only to be able to detect abnormalities in binocular function but to clearly understand the normal anatomic and physiologic relations in ocular motility. In this atlas, authors have provided the reader with important and unique features of ocular anatomy, sensory physiology, and tests of sensory status and ocular alignment. With an understanding of normal binocular function, the reader can better appreciate the specific strabismus disorders and syndromes that are discussed in the second part of the atlas. This second edition of this atlas brings a number of changes to a publication which had been well received among residents, fellows, and the pediatric ophthalmology community in general as an excellent teaching and educational treatise on strabismus.
Key Features
The Wills Eye Strabismus Atlas depicts normal anatomy, physiology, and virtually every strabismus disorder and syndrome: helping practitioners to better understand and correctly diagnose disorders of ocular alignment and motility.

• Anatomic and physiologic illustrations demonstrate and describe normal anatomic and physiologic relations as well as abnormalities in binocular function and ocular alignment

• Step-by-step guides of sensory and motility tests to qualitatively measure binocular vision, ocular alignment and the visual status

• Over 350 photographs and diagrams

• A comprehensive, readable, and practical guide for ophthalmologists, residents, students, and health care practitioners at every level in the field.
Target Audience
Useful for Ophthalmologists, Residents, Students, and Health Care Practitioners.
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