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IAP Textbook of Pediatric Neurology (With Interactive DVD)
PAM Kunju MD DCH DM (Neurol)
Nitin Maheshwari MD MRCPCH (Lond) CCT (Oxford) FRCPCH (Lond)

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2014
Size 6.75" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD Yes
Weight (Grams) 720
Quick Overview
The pediatric neurology department serves as a vital link between pediatricians and traditional adult neurologists. The pediatric neurology brings home the expertise in anatomical localization leading to correct diagnosis and management of chronic neurological disorders learned from traditional neurology and combines with it the knowledge of normal maturation and development, learned from pediatric training. Even till date, many pediatricians rate their training in pediatric neurology as inadequate.

Clinical neurology has become increasingly dependent on laboratory tests and to an even greater degree on imaging procedures, at the expense of the history and the physical examination. Although this kind of technological support has become available in much of the developing world, still to an inadequate extent in India. Clearly, the practice of tropical neurology will remain a “hands-on” clinical discipline for many years to come. Young neurologists coming home from abroad, who have been accustomed to the easy availability of an avalanche of ancillary diagnostic aids, may find it difficult to go back to relying on not much more than a thorough history and a detailed neurological examination.

Medicine involves playing the odds, assessing the relative chance that a patient is/is not suffering from a particular illness. There is always an element of uncertainty. The clinical approach, i.e. history and clinical examination discussed here will help pediatricians to reach the tentative neurological diagnosis. The stepwise approach of neurophysiological diagnosis, how to read computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will help in day-to-day practice effectively. This book is having an excellent collection of common neonatal and pediatric neurological problems by eminent scientists in the field for years; not only they have precisely selected the topic but also given their best experience in it.

The actual practice of medicine is as much about style as it is about science. It is a known fact that “a picture is worth a thousand words and video is worth a thousand pictures”. The accompanying Interactive DVD in this book is a collection of common movement disorders in children. The videos are having voice-over to explain you the basic phenomenology of each of movement disorder. Just enjoy viewing the videos and get an experience of classroom teaching in real time. This wonderful and clinically rich material will help pediatricians in long way.
Key Features
This book is a comprehensive collection of important pediatric neurological diseases, which are quite often seen in clinics. The topics which appeals most to general pediatricians such as history, clinical examination, developmental delay, autism, cerebral palsy, congenital anomalies, infections of central nervous system, childhood epilepsy, movement disorders, neuroimaging, electrophysiological examinations, neurodegeneration, diseases of muscle, diseases of neuromuscular junctions, headache in children, nutritional diseases affecting the nervous system, pediatric drug formulary pertaining to neurological disorders are precisely covered in this book.

An Interactive DVD is given along with the book as a complement. It covers clinical videos of common pediatric movement disorders. Enjoy learning the basics of recognition of movement disorders with excellent commentary in the background, which gives an idea of examining thepatient in real time.

The scientific contents in this book are contributions from eminent pediatric neurologists and famous clinicians. The vast experience and vision of whom are adequately depicted in each page.
Target Audience
This book will be an effective tabletop reference. It is very useful to undergraduates, postgraduates, general practitioners, pediatricians, pediatric neurologists, and to all those clinicians who are interested in pediatric neurology.
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