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Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Rajiv M Borle MDS FAOMSI

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This book is not just a compilation of literature but personal experiences of the authors, especially while working in the rural Indian circumstances have also been incorporated. Clinical pictures of various clinical conditions and photographic depictions of the surgical procedures have been added for better understanding. Certain diseases like temporomandibular ankylosis, oral submucous fibrosis which are predominantly seen in Indian subcontinent have been discussed in details. The Indian experiences in the Management of Oral Cancer where patients often report with advanced diseases and with varied presentation are shared. The topics such as management of burns, management of soft tissue trauma and medicolegal aspects of injury, which are not routinely covered in the textbook have been introduced for better readership. While writing the text, care has been taken to give explanations based on basics for better understanding to the beginners. At the same time the surgical anatomy relevant to the topic has also been discussed.

Some chapters like Basic Principles of Surgery, Incisions in Maxillofacial Surgery are the highlight of the book and it is sincerely hoped that not only the undergraduates but also the postgraduate students will be benefitted. The aspects of instrumentations, commonly used antiseptics, aseptic technique have been explained in details. One chapter is dedicated to suture material and technique and plenty of information has been incorporated. The salient features in the individual chapters are highlighted by inserting text boxes.

All the incorporations have been authenticated by giving necessary bibliography (references) at the end of each chapter and the appropriate source of information has been acknowledged.

The overall patient care is needed in surgery and hence to generate understanding in postoperative care, airway management, care of patient under general anesthesia, emergencies, their identification and management, fluid and electrolyte balance and derangements of the same with management thereof have been discussed to make the information comprehensive and elaborate.
Key Features
• Touches almost every aspect of oral and maxillofacial surgery and also gives an equal weightage to basic concepts like basic principles of surgery, fluid and electrolyte balance, parenteral therapy, shock and biomedical waste management.

• Compiles all the basic knowledge, evidenced-based information, explanations thereof and words of wisdom that the authors have gained from their long experience.

• Emphasis on basics and reasoning for better understanding.

• Comprehensive coverage of pathologies, craniofacial trauma, precancer and cancer, orthognathic surgery and distractions, cleft lip and palate, TMJ disorders, salivary gland pathologies, and maxillary sinus.

• Text enriched with illustrative clinical photographs, radiographic images, flow charts, text boxes and tables for better understanding.

• Helpful to the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology, and plastic surgery.

• Evidence-based information, words of wisdom and practical tips for beginners.
Target Audience
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in the Field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Surgery.

Joseph S Doctora, DDS, MD(Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry)


This comprehensive book on oral and maxillofacial surgery presents the material in an organized, easy-to-follow fashion.


The purpose is not just to present a compilation of the literature, but also to share the contributing authors' personal experiences. TMJ ankylosis and oral submucous fibrosis, common in the authors' subcontinent, are discussed in detail.


Some chapters, such as the ones on basic principles of surgery and incisions in maxillofacial surgery are highlights, and it is the authors' hope that the book will appeal to undergraduates as well as postgraduates. The material is appropriate for an undergraduate curriculum.


The book covers general topics in oral and maxillofacial surgery in depth. The easy-to-follow charts in the chapters on osteomyelitis and infections are well done and the format of case presentation for the burn chapter is effective. The thesis writing section is a practical addition, as well. Although this is probably more of a cultural issue, there are no chapters on cosmetics.


With its emphasis on TMJ ankylosis and oral submucous fibrosis common in the authors' country, this book is a unique addition to the specialty. The chapters are well written, organized, informative, and easy to follow. It is comparable to Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 6th edition, Hupp et al. (Elsevier, 2014), in terms of its undergraduate focus.

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