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Manual of Diabetes Care
Rajeev Chawla MD FRCP (Edin.) UK

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Publish Year2014
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This book is designed to offer a balanced overview of not only the pathophysiology but also the management of diabetes for both beginners and those seeking to research in detail. Every attempt is made to highlight keynotes and Fast Facts in each chapter to break the monotony of text.

This book, hence is a humble effort to sensitize all physicians involved in management of diabetic patients to pick up these simple tips so as to enable them to rationalize their practice more judiciously.
Key Features
• Provides a focused up-to-date summary of diabetes and its management

• Relevant scientific information, integrated throughout with a focus on providing therapeutic guidance to the clinician

• Summarizes the available evidence on the use and efficacy of various drug classes in the management of different forms of diabetes

• Written in an easy-to-read and image intensive format in order to simplify concepts

• Covers the complications of diabetes in detail

• Targeted towards diabetologists, physician, registrars, and post graduate students.
Target Audience
Useful for both beginners and those seeking to research in detail. Targetted towards diabetologists, physician, registrars, and post graduate students.

Colleen Majewski, MD (University of Chicago Medical Center)


Due to the burden of diabetes mellitus, every specialist in medicine should know how to care for patients with diabetes. This book attempts to familiarize all healthcare providers with its pathophysiology and management.


The purpose is to provide clinicians with a manual for diabetes care, an incredibly worthy objective as all clinicians will encounter patients with diabetes mellitus.


The audience includes clinicians, medical students, and senior practitioners who want to enhance their understanding of diabetes.


The book reviews the epidemiology, pathophysiology, treatment, and management of the complications of diabetes mellitus. The best features of the book are the fast facts and diagrams.


This is an excellent review of a common and hugely burdensome condition. All clinicians need to understand the management and prevention of this common disease.

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