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Medical Surgical Nursing: Systemic Disease (2 Volumes)
Cecy Correia

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2017
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 1880
Quick Overview
• Medical Surgical Nursing (Volume 1 & Volume 2) aims to provide brief, yet comprehensive, account of the subject.

• The undergraduate students should not be burdened with details of sophisticated and elaborated bulky matter.

• The curriculum aims to impart the knowledge within a limited period.

• To make teaching and learning simpler without any ambiguity or complexities, the test focuses on the syllabus.

• Nurses need medical and surgical knowledge at every stage in their career.

• Therefore, the design and outlay of the book cover the entire syllabus as it is given in the curriculum of the second year INC syllabus.

• The book is easy to read and it will help the nurses with the needed information that will enable them to provide care when the client is in need.

• With age comes wisdom. The goal of nursing education is to prepare today’s students to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

• Nurses must be able to combine competence with caring and critical thinking.

• Nurses play a significant role in addressing the challenge and opportunities to march ahead.

• Therefore, the author has tried to cover the syllabus outline as taught to enhance a nurse and the teachers in all areas of teaching.

• In career pathways, nurses require evidence of high motivation and lifelong learning due to the changing health care needs.

• Nurses have an exciting array of career opportunities where student have to pursue their skills.

• By this book, students learn about history of modern medicines, and are able to perform health assessment and physical examination.

• Student will learn to describe various diseases and distinguish normal from abnormal.

• Student will give good nursing care to the clients, learn about drugs and their implications of administration, and manage clients of surgery and different disorders.

• Learn about every detection and prevention of diseases.

• Medical Surgical Nursing (INC) syllabus has two examination papers: Volume 1, which is based on systemwise disease conditions and Volume 2, which is based on medical surgical nursing specialty.

• This book never runs outdated. It can always be updated with the latest researches and renovated technologies and discoveries.

• Nurse can learn about history of modern medicines.

• Perform health assessment and physical examinations.

• Learn to describe various diseases and their pathology.

• Prepare various nursing care plans.

• Learn topic presentation.

• Learn to give nursing care to the client.

• Learn about drugs and their legal implications of administration; manage fluid and electrolyte balance.

• Learning skill in assessing pain.

• Learning nursing intervention.

• Prepare the client for surgery.

• Give care during and after surgery.

• Learn the skill in theater technique, and types of instruments.

• Learn the disease condition systemwise.

• Display skill in managing different disorders.

• Identify her role in medical surgical emergencies.
Key Features
• This book covers the nursing curriculum as outlined and taught in the classroom

• Complete syllabus of Revised General Nursing and Midwifery (RGNM) is under one umbrella

• Both the volumes of the book have 110(45+65) chapters in total

• The content and the chapter outline itself will show the subject matter covered

• The book is well illustrated and easy to grasp the subject matter

• It focuses on high-tech and medical advances, and innovation in nursing field

• It will help a nurse equip well in the modern professional skill in nursing

• Chapters with revised figures of anatomy and physiology are given

• The book is focused on making teaching and learning simpler without any ambiguity or complexities

• It is easy to handle, read, study and search for topics

• A nurse can also learn to prepare various nursing care plans, topic presentations, to give nursing care to the client, learn about drugs and its legal implications of administration, to manage fluid and electrolyte balance, to learn skill in assessing pain and nursing interventions, about her role in preparing the client for surgery

• A nurse can also learn how to care during and after surgery

• It is always an asset and can become valuable as every book is unique and gives something new to all every time

• The advanced innovation and discoveries are breath-taking and heart-throbbing. Students will find it very interesting

• The book is unique and distinct with its outlay.
Target Audience
This book is multidimensional for all professional staffs, medical students as well as teachers.
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