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Textbook of Oral Medicine
Pramod John R BSc BDS MDS

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Publish Year2014
Size6.75" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This book titled, Textbook of Oral Medicine, has been written by keeping the needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate students in mind. Compared to the second edition, the third edition has been thoroughly rewritten and all the latest information has been provided so that the book is up-to-date in all respects. More clinical photographs have been added so that the students will be able to appreciate the clinical picture of the oral diseases. Newer and scientifically accepted classifications have been used in the book. At the same time, unnecessary details regarding various studies and researches are avoided for the ease of understanding the subject.
Key Features
Textbook of Oral Medicine is the third edition of the original title Handbook of Oral Medicine.

The book has been updated with all the latest information available and is up-to-date in all respects.

Numerous color pictures have been added so as to provide a better idea of the clinical presentation of the oral diseases.

Newer and scientifically accepted classifications and terminologies have been used.

The book will be of immense help to undergraduate and postgraduate students of dentistry as well as medical students.

The simple style of explaining the text and point-wise presentation of information will greatly enhance the learning experience.

This would boost the photographic memory to grasp and retain the content to effectively reproduce the same in the written and oral examinations.

Target Audience
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.

Janet H. Southerland, DDS, MPH, PhD (Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry)


In addition to focusing on differential diagnosis for various oral lesions, this book details information on clinical features, management, and treatment options. There is also a chapter on laboratory medicine and the types of tests available to help confirm or dispel a diagnosis. The two previous editions were published in 1998 and 2005.


The book seeks to fulfill the requirements of the syllabi of various Indian universities as well as other universities abroad. It also is intended to spare students in India from buying high-priced books from abroad and to promote the production of textbooks in that country. In addition, the author wanted to provide an overview of information covered in a number of books, so that the information is relevant regardless of university or syllabus.


According to the author, the book is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as medical students. It also can be used as a source of review for private practitioners and other allied health professionals, particularly individuals caring for medically complex patients with oral complications.


Topics covered include knowledge of normal oral structures, normal variations, pathological changes, oral flora, imaging, age changes, differential diagnoses, and available laboratory testing. The best features of the book are its clinical photographs, classifications, and the self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter. Treatment recommendations are not in depth and do not provide specific treatment regimens of care. There are a limited number of references.


This book is well organized and provides a comprehensive overview of oral lesions, clinical features, and diagnosis. The third edition is justified with more up-to-date color photos and radiographs as well as classifications of lesions.

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