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Rank File in Nursing (Complete Preparatory Guide for Various Competitive Exams/Interviews in Nursing)
Sona PS MSc (Nsg)

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
Nowadays, objective tests are preferred in competitive examinations to distinguish the qualifiers and non-qualifiers and even could pick-up the outstanding in the group. Attempting and qualifying objective tests require insight into the subject matter. The author has tried to organize the chapters in a user-friendly manner under different specialties so that it will be easy for the users to assimilate and utilize the information. Almost all the subjects under nursing syllabus have been included in a simplified but in-depth manner. The key points are emphasized and highlighted in boxes for easy retention and recollection. It will help for a quick revision on the eve of viva examinations, competitive examinations, etc. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) have been added as much as possible after each chapter for better understanding and review. Mock examinations at the end of the book will strengthen the users indeed.
Key Features
• Textbook provides subject matter concisely and precisely.

• Covers the following subjects: Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Nursing Foundations, Medical Surgical Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Gynecologic Nursing, Nursing Research and Statistics, and Nutrition

• Organized different specialty subjects in separate chapter incorporating related Anatomy and Physiology

• Caters to the needs of GNM, BSc (Nsg) and MSc (Nsg) students preparing for various competitive examinations

• Better conceptualization is possible for average students

• Important points are highlighted in boxes, tables and flow charts

• Chapter review MCQs at the end of each chapter for better understanding

• Mock Exams at the end of the book will strengthen the users indeed

• Previous solved question papers are also included for preparing various competitive examinations.
Target Audience
Useful for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate nurses for preparing themselves and for ensuring high rank in various competitive examinations and face-to-face interviews.
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