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Nursing Foundation
BT Basavanthappa MN PhD

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Publish Year2013
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
The book has a flavor of its own both in scope and content. The major thrust has been emphasized to make this book more students friendly catering to their requirement of course. Topics have been explained according to the syllabus. Each chapter in the book is self-contained and serves the purposes of the course. Subject areas have been regrouped and made more concise and relevant to the needs of today’s students. Utmost care has been taken to ensure that this book continued to be valuable and serve the nursing community.
Key Features
This book entitled Nursing Foundation is based on course and curricula of nursing students.

It is designed to provide nursing students with the knowledge and skill they need to become competent, think critically and possess the sensitivity to become caring nurses.

In this changing world on healthcare delivery system, nurses will need broad knowledge to provide the expert care needed in nursing profession.

In view of these changes, this title is organized into 24 chapters.

Ideally, the text is flowed sequentially, but every effort has been made to respect the differing needs of diverse curricula and students.

Thus, each chapter stands on its own merit and may be read independently of others.

Every attempt has been made to maintain simple and lucidity of language and style, so that students can grasp the subject very clearly and completely.

Target Audience
Nursing Students.
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