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Step by Step Arterial Surgery
Piush Choudhry MBBS MS

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Publish Year2013
Size4.5" X 7"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
In this whirling of life, the human body, since time immemorial, has been subjected to the inevitable process of trauma whether it is accidental or iatrogenic. The recent innovations in the field of medical sciences coupled with the gamut of surgical specialties that have burgeoned in the last few decades, the management of the patient is now inexcusable.

It has been the work of many committed surgeons to provide quality care to these patients notwithstanding the limitations of surgical approach some have at their hospitals.

Often the complexity and consequences of the presenting scenario undermine the capacity of the most deserving surgeon. These are times when we revert to our experience.

These illustrations with texts are an expression of approach in these situations.
Key Features
• Serves to meet the challenges faced by a surgeon to effectively deal in trauma cases

• Guides a doctor to identify the site and cause of bleeding in a traumatic patient

• Through the illustrations it is also a reference for the vascular structures, their

• relationship and the management in emergency

• Provides insight into the diseases of the vascular system

• Written in straightforward, clear, lucid and easy-to-grasp language.
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