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Snapshots in Dermatology
S Sacchidanand, Savitha AS, Shilpa K

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2013
Size 4" X 5.75"
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
Dermatology is a visual field. Dermatological diseases express themselves on the skin with varied manifestations. It is likely that a single disease can present with different manifestations. It is also likely that different dermatological diseases can manifest with similar clinical presentations. Many systemic diseases also have cutaneous manifestations. Since all dermatological diseases and dermatological manifestations of systemic disease have a limited pattern of expression, overlapping features are inevitable. Hence, in a given situation on first instance, it may become difficult for undergraduates, postgraduates and residents to identify a clinical condition. Snapshots in Dermatology is an attempt to orient beginners to readily acquaint with common skin conditions. This book serves the purpose as a ready reckoner during ward rounds and out-patient clinics. Practicing dermatologists may also find it useful.
Key Features
• This book is having high quality photographs and well written, brief synopses to cover an enormous amount of information about skin diseases in a handbook.

• It combines over 250 colour photographs with succinct descriptions of skin diseases and systemic diseases with skin manifestations to create the most useful single reference in the field.

• Covering the full range of conditions, from rashes, to skin lesions and disorders of the hair, nail, and mucosa, Snapshots is a unique combination of comprehensive text, and colour atlas.

• Greater emphasis on depicting conditions and disorders across a wide range of skin types.

• The book features a consistent format featuring history, etiology, epidemiology, clinical features, syndromes associated with the disease, differential diagnosis and treatment.

• Useful not only for dermatologists, but even for non-dermatologists, learning or practicing medicine in any field in any country.

• For practicing dermatologists or residents of dermatology, it is extremely useful as a quick and easy reference guide.

• Snapshots in Dermatology is a ready reference book aimed at practitioners, residents, and undergraduates. The presentation is precise and to the point with good photographic illustrations. It deserves a rightful place on the consultation tables and pocket of residents.
Target Audience
Practicing Dermatologists, Residents, and Undergraduates.
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