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Essentials of Orthodontics
Aravind Sivaraj BDS MDS

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Publish Year2013
Size7.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This book is edited from various textbooks, study materials and manuals in orthodontics. THe purpose of the book is to educate the students with clear thoughts on the subject with emphasis on the deep understanding of the concepts and theories in orthodontics.

The text is written for rapid and easy uptake, with only a few classical illustrations and a handful of carefully chosen references. Many topics are well covered in other texts, and do not need a lengthy description, but where clinical precision or a new concept is involved, a full explanation is provided.

The book is designed for the dental students, orthodontic residents and general dentists to understand the basic concepts and essential procedures regarding the diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of patients, who have relatively simple malocclusion problems and to consult the specialist in case of complex problems.

Readers will essentially learn about the mechanics of how appliances move teeth, the different types of appliances, and the latest orthodontic materials in the market. A much-needed text for the dental students and also an excellent resource for dentists, who want to expand their practice. The book is not intended to compete with the major texts on the theory and techniques that form the basis of contemporary orthodontic teaching and practice. However, the book will be a valuable and welcome addition to the existing texts in orthodontics.
Key Features
• Organized chapters for better understanding of the subject

• Review of topics for general practitioners and as a quick reference guide for the postgraduates in Orthodontics

• Edited with all latest contents in the subject

• Includes figures and flowcharts for understanding the concepts clearly

• Contains new topics like Anthropology, Forensic Orthodontics, Multispecialty Orthodontics, Community Orthodontics, etc.

• Provides exhaustive coverage of text, including the latest advancements

• Includes a chapter on Materials and Instruments in Orthodontics with all the latest materials, instruments, and techniques

• Contains terminologies and definitions for easy understanding

• Provides simple clinical tips and tricks for better judgment.
Target Audience
Useful for the Undergraduates in Dentistry, General Practitioners and as a Quick Reference Guide for the Postgraduates in Orthodontics.
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