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The Eye in History
Frank Joseph Goes

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Publish Year2013
Size8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
Key Features
Ophthalmology written as well for the layperson and the general practitioner with some interest in the historical perspective of ophthalmology as for the Eye MD.

The structure and function of the eye, notions on optics and comparative anatomy, descriptions of some eye disorders and their treatment as well as a review of the giants on whose shoulders we now stand, are described. The book will also peer into the future of Ophthalmology.

Unique chapters describe: the psychology of how we see, the eye of the animals, the history of the surgical techniques, the story of a number of famous ophthalmic patients, and there is also a very interesting section on the eye in art.

This book will give much pleasure to the reader, who can go through it stepwise. Dr Goes and his contributors enjoyed writing it.
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