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Textbook of Cardiology: A Clinical and Historical Perspective
HK Chopra MD
Navin C Nanda MD

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Publish Year2013
Size7" X 9"
cover TypeHard back
Quick Overview
The book is organized into several sections dealing with clinical cardiology, noninvasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery and the future frontiers. The section on clinical cardiology begins with various chapters dealing with preventive, diagnostic and management aspects of coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction. Epidemiology and risk factors, such as diet, physical activity, tobacco use, obesity, stress, homocysteine, dyslipidemia and hypertension and their interrelationships are described. Management issues including the role of agents like aspirin, statins, polypill, nitrates, carotenoid lycopene, beta blockers and calcium-channel blockers. ACE inhibitors and ARBS are extensively discussed. Evolving concepts in acute coronary syndrome and medical management of acute myocardial infarction are also covered with a full discussion of anticoagulants and antithrombotic and antiplatelet agents. Next, various types of cardiomyopathies, myocarditis and pericarditis are delineated in detail as well as a full coverage of antiarrhythmic drugs. Other chapters cover various facets of cardiac syncope, sudden cardiac death and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The pros and cons of the use of enhanced external counter pulsation technique are also given. Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and newer therapies in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension are also covered. Other important chapters deal with rheumatic heart disease, cardiocutaneous diseases, congenital heart disease and cardiac rehabilitation.
Key Features
• Published for the first time in the world with the unique feature of mingling various aspects of clinical cardiology with the historical perspective.

• More than 100 contributors from India and abroad have contributed in the book.

• Unique for enhancing knowledge and innovative potentials for undergraduates, postgraduates and practicing cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, pediatricians and pediatric surgeons, intensivist and physicians. Various components of the book include clinical cardiology, intervention cardiology, nonintensivist cardiology, cardiac surgery and future directions.

• Stimulates new ideas to promote research by creating useful protocols in cardiology. It can be used as a reference book in every library, hospitals, medical colleges and research institutions.

• Written in straight-forward, clear, lucid and easy to grasp language.
Target Audience
Practicing Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Pediatric Cardiologists, Cardiac Anesthetists, Fellows and Residents in Training and Research Institutions, Medical Students and Paramedical Personnel as well as Medical Practitioners of All Specialties.
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