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Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology-01: Vulva-A Colour Atlas of Surgeries of the Vulva
Arun Nagrath MS MAMS FICOG
Narendra Malhotra MD FICOG FICMCH

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Publish Year2013
Size9.5" X 7.25"
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
The vulva presents complex clinical pathologies as it is composed of the hair-bearing skin and the inner lined mucosa. The skin and mucosa bearing the complex glandular tissues also contribute to the vulval pathology. New growths over the vulval and perineal skin are objectionable for disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia and also producing coital problems. Varied surgical techniques of the benign pathologies of the vulva are presented in this section. The author has set out to simplify surgery by creating a step-by-step procedural process, illustrated to emphasise those surgical steps, which are critical to the individual procedure under consideration.
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