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Textbook of Anatomy: Vol. 2 (3 Volume Set)
Inderbir Singh MD

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Edition 5/e
Publish Year2011
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
• All the chapters have been thoroughly updated and revised.

• Completely new look with the addition of “Clinical Correlations” on most of the anatomical structures at the end of each topic in a separate light-green coloured boxes.

• Every chapter is liberally illustrated with 4-coloured, easy-to-understand illustrations, which the students can easily draw during their examinations.

• Text on important topics has been tabulated in an easy-to-grasp and readily comprehensible format.

• This textbook is divided into well-elucidated three volumes, with volume one on upper and lower extremities, volume two on thorax, abdomen and pelvis, and volume three on head, neck and central nervous system.

• The information given is graded into different levels for undergraduates and postgraduate level students.

• Information meant for students pursuing postgraduation and bright students is being arranged in light-pink coloured boxes titled as “Want to Know More”.

• The book is mainly meant for undergraduate students and may also be of help to students at the postgraduate level.
Key Features
• The general format of the book has been changed and now it holds a completely fresh and new look with the addition of clinical correlations on most of the anatomical structures at the end of each topic, instead of listing them in the form of a single chapter as done in the previous edition.

• Clinical matter has been arranged in the form of separate light-green coloured boxes titled “Clinical Correlation”.

• In describing any part of the body, the region is first reviewed using the atlas figures as a guide. This is followed by detailed consideration of individual structures.

• Provides online access to to use the colour atlas and to review questions and answers, and for self assessment of pictures.
Target Audience
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
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