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Interlocking Nailing
DD Tanna

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Edition 3/e
Publish Year2010
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD Yes
Quick Overview
A DVD-ROM supplements this edition containing a small and interesting presentation by Dr B Shivshankar of Sholapur and Dr Sunil Kulkarni of Maharashtra. ways to remove broken implant; new broken implant removal bolt; and how to prepare antibiotic rods. Has a new Chapter on Locking Plates. Has a new Chapter titled ‘what we did not teach in workshops’? Has a chapter called ‘photo gallery’ featuring Images of 19 patient case studies. Many new Case studies, and new bold changes of concept have been included.
Key Features

This 3rd edition incorporates many new case studies, and new bold changes of concept like locking plates replacing Interlocking nailing in many cases, along with introduction of nail extraction device.

Begins with a brief overview of the history, and biomechanics of the technique, including a chapter covering the difficulties, complications and special intra-operative situations.

Special considerations for use of locking plate; Biological/bridge plating: (Principle of relative stability); Use of LCP as an internal Fixator. Pre-conditions for bridge plating, its indications and biomechanical basis.

Demonstrates the diverse types of nails and numerous methods of usage including introduction of better nail designs, innovations in interlocking techniques after the universal availability of image intensifiers.

Discusses possible complications associated with the procedure of nailing, locking and implant removal along with their practical solutions.

A Photo Gallery comprising Images of Case-studies of 19 Patients.

Target Audience
Post Graduate Students, Practicing Orthopaedicians.
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