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Principles and Practice of Nursing Management and Administration for BSc and MSc Nursing
Jogindra Vati PhD (Nursing) MSc (N) (Gold Medalist) MA (Public Administration)

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Edition2/e Reprint
Publish Year2023
Size8.5" x 11"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Quick Overview
Some of the important features of the 2nd edition of this book are as follows: Updated Content: The emphasis has been made on clarity and accuracy of the content in the updated material with recent information is inserted in different chapters. Some of the topics are added to cover the syllabus of graduate and postgraduate nursing courses. Organization of Book: The present edition of the book has 11 sections covering 62 chapters. Each chapter begins outlining the content to cover in the chapter and learning outcome, which is expected from each learner after going through the whole chapter. To recall the subject matter, at the end of the chapter is provided with chapter highlights, and for self-assessment, review questions covering essay type, short answer, and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Some of the chapters are rearranged in different Sections in the present edition to make the learning linked to relevant topics. The book includes Glossary and Index at the end. Figures, Tables, Flowcharts: All the illustrations in the present edition are redrawn and made the necessary changes wherever required. Only the important diagrams are in the revised edition to enrich the students with a lot of material in a short space. User-Friendliness: The book is made user-friendly by using different levels of headings, subheadings, and italicized words to help the users to have in-depth study of subject and quickly revising by adding ‘Chapter Highlights’ and scope for self-assessment by adding Review Questions of essay type, Short answered, and MCQs at the end of each chapter, that makes the book truly user-friendly. In short, the revised edition is a comprehensive text of Principles and Practice of Nursing Administration and Management meant primarily for students undergoing graduate and postgraduate nursing courses, but also to practice nurses working in hospitals, community, and teaching nursing institutes at all levels. The management students of other disciplines and different courses would also find it useful.
Key Features
  • Covers the syllabus as per Indian Nursing Council for undergraduate and postgraduate students of nursing.
  • Simple and lucid presentation of content matter for the benefit of users.
  • Content has the latest concepts about principles of nursing administration and management and delivery of the health system. Adequate emphasis is given to clarify concepts related to nursing management.
  • Use of diagrams, tables, and boxes to make content self-explanatory and enhance pedagogical features.
  • Chapter Outline and Learning Objectives in the beginning, and Chapter Highlights at the end of each chapter provide overview of essential concepts.
  • Review questions in the form of essay type, short answer, and multiple-choice questions with answers for self-assessment.
  • Each chapter has carefully selected references for further reading for the benefit of readers.
Target Audience
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students
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