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Medical X-ray Film Processing

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2021
Size 5.5" x 8.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
Attempts are being made to incorporate all the above new modalities, their basics, work flow, technical details, etc., in a systematic manner. This second edition consists of 10 chapters, which are tailored to the present needs, by incorporating recent developments. Screen-film radiography, digital radiography, their image quality, artifacts and quality assurance are discussed in detail. Attempts are made to include fundamental concepts, production of X-rays and radiological health and safety, to suit the undergraduate syllabus of radiography and imaging technology course.
Key Features
  • Medical X-ray Film Processing consists of 10 chapters. Chapter 1 discusses about the fundamental concepts such as units and measurements, to understand the later concepts better.
  • Chapter 2 talks about production of X-rays, to refresh the knowledge of medical X-rays.
  • In Chapter 3, medical X-ray film is discussed, which describes the film structure, design, characteristics, handling and storage.
  • Chapter 4 talks about the darkroom, where the film is loaded and unloaded, cassettes and intensifying screens, which are used along with x-ray films.
  • In Chapter 5, the various film processing methods, including developing, rinsing, fixing, washing and drying are given.
  • Chapter 6 describes about the screen-film radiography image quality, artifacts and quality assurance.
  • Digital radiography, including computed radiography, direct and indirect radiography systems are explained in Chapter 7.
  • The digital radiography image quality, viewing and recording are explained in Chapter 8.
  • Chapter 9 talks about digital radiography image artifacts and quality assurance.
  • The final Chapter 10 talks about radiological health and safety. It gives the various aspects of safety including biological effect, annual dose limits, methods of radiation control, regulatory issues and personnel monitoring.
Target Audience
Written for undergraduate syllabus of radiography and imaging technology course.
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