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Practical Clinical Biochemistry: Methods and Interpretations
Ranjna Chawla

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Edition5/e Reprint
Publish Year2023
Size6.75" x 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 820
Quick Overview
The book has been revised with addition of topics as per latest Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines for undergraduate curriculum. Additional chapters like Lean Six Sigma Approach for Clinical Laboratories, Anemia Profile, Bone Markers, Components Associated with Research Work and its Publication, etc. have been added. This book will not only equip undergraduates with basic facts of the subject but will also help postgraduate students in keeping abreast with the latest knowledge. Coverage of such topics and knowledge of the latest development will match the standards required for postgraduate students. To bridge the gap between clinicians and clinical laboratories, more than 400 case reports and viva questions have been added at the end of each chapter. This will not only increase the knowledge of students but also will evoke interest of students in the subject.
Key Features
• Thoroughly revised in view of the latest developments in the field of biochemistry.
• More than 400 Case Reports and Viva Questions with detailed explanations.
• Topics added as per revised Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines for undergraduate curriculum.
• Chapters on Anemia Profile and Bone Markers have been added.
• Information added on components associated with research work and its publication. This includes guidelines to carry out research and for writing and publishing research manuscripts.
• For upgrading laboratory quality to world class, chapter has been added on Lean Six Sigma Approach for Clinical Laboratories.
• Information on effect of quality of water on laboratory results has been included.
• Various new cardiac risk markers have been widely dealt with.
• A book not only for undergraduates but also for postgraduate students because of vast coverage of topics.
• Useful book to bridge the gap between clinicians and clinical laboratories.
• The book is based on Author's personal experience in various capacities.
Target Audience
• Undergraduate Medical Students
• Also helpful for postgraduates, clinicians and clinical laboratories
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