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Ramadan and Diabetes Care
Abdul H Zargar MD DM
Sanjay Kalra MD DM

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Publish Year2017
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Weight (Grams) 310
Quick Overview
This book aims to improve understanding of the holy Ramadan fast and its management. The physiological and metabolic impact of Ramadan on euglycemic persons, and on people with diabetes, is discussed. Coverage of risk stratification and Ramadan-focused education provides a robust platform upon which to discuss choice and titration of glucose—lowering therapy. Management of diabetes associated complications, and special situations are also covered in the book.
Key Features
• The second edition of "Ramadan and Diabetes Care" provides deep insights into the physiology of fasting in relation to the diabetics and the intricacies related to diabetes management during Ramadan

• Inspired by the success of the first edition, the new edition incorporates the latest in clinical information and guidelines pertaining to Ramadan fasting in diabetics

• In addition to routine pharmacological management, detailed chapter on insulin therapy and a fresh chapter on the role of newer drugs in diabetic subjects during Ramadan provides valuable insights for the treating physicians

• Also covers diabetes management in special populations like children, adolescents,

• women, and elderly during Ramadan

• Diabetes management in the presence of comorbid conditions during the holy month

• of Ramadan is also elaborated upon

• Written by experts with experience in managing patients with diabetes during the holy

• month of Ramadan from across the globe.
Target Audience
A valuable resource for diabetologists, physicians, and postgraduate students.
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