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Textbook of Medical Mycology
Jagdish Chander MD DNB MAMS

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Edition4/e Reprint
Publish Year2023
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 2420
Quick Overview
This fourth edition of the Textbook consists of Eight Sections, divided into 39 Chapters, which cover the entire spectrum of fungal infections, spanning from superficial to opportunistic infection along with the latest information on therapeutic modalities. The pseudofungal infections, mimicking typical fungal diseases, are also given in a separate Section. The Textbook encompasses interesting historical aspects pertaining to Medical Mycology and has valuable references for further reading by the students. It contains a very useful introductory chapter on the basics of medical mycology. The last Section has seven Appendices, pertaining to various procedural details mentioned in the text of the Book. One of them is exclusively devoted to the antifungal susceptibility testing.
Key Features
This fourth edition of the Textbook of Medical Mycology is thoroughly revised, updated and enlarged. This has been designed to comprehensively cover the rapid and extensively expanding information in the field of Medical Mycology in a concise, lucid and easily understandable manner. This edition is also incorporating several new reader-friendly features.

- All the chapters have been rewritten and arranged in eight sections including one section on Appendices dealing with technical details, which is designed to supplement the basic text of the book by providing more clarity on the topics. However, one of the Appendices is devoted on AFST, keeping in view difficulties faced in choosing an appropriate drug

- The colored photographs and photomicrographs have been inserted in the text throughout. The illustrations and tables have been designed concisely to summarise the text, making the subject matter more vivid and easy to recall

- The section on Pseudofungal Infections is given separately, keeping in view that they are looking very similar to the fungal diseases and have emerged in recent times

- As there are unprecedented developments in taxonomy of fungi, hence, the corresponding disease names have been changed according to those of the respective fungal genera, like Malasseziosis, Talaromycosis and Emergomycosis Microsporidia species are now treated as fungi, hence, a full chapter is devoted on Microsporidiosis

- All the important references from January 2009 to June 2017 are added as Further Reading in each Chapter.

Target Audience
Medical students and junior doctors who are preparing themselves for the examinations and various entrance tests.
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