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Electronic Nursing Records

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Publish Year2016
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 750
Quick Overview
The book also encompasses the legal aspects of electronic health records and nursing records. It also provides details about the computer-designed prototype for the lab-test module, radiology test module, medication (pharmacy) module, designing the hospital nursing administration activities, including functions like blood transfusion, pediatric center, diabetic center, dialysis center, IVF (in vitro fertilization), occupational health safety, bioengineering maintenance, nosocomial infection or hospital-acquired infection, central sterile department, rehabilitation services, oncology, psychiatry, and public health activities.
The main highlight of the book is that each nursing station will have a master screen that will provide hourly information of jobs to be performed by the duty nurse, according to which the work would be carried out. Similarly, each service department will have a master screen that will exhibit the pending works to be carried out in different wards, which will have to be attended promptly. The electronic nursing records are designed in such a way that the nursing staff will find them ‘user-friendly’ and enjoy the work with well-developed software program that will have less dependence on the mental memory of an individual nursing staff member. The computer system will act as a reminding agent to alert and ensure that the planned work is being carried out smoothly and efficiently.
The most important added feature is that the electronic nursing record training program, including the syllabus for the specially tailormade 4-week nursing information technology database and also readymade slide presentation of the course for the nursing educational institutions, supported by the definitions of the medical specialties and the nursing formats, will help in training the adequate nursing personnel to be acquainted with the electronic nursing record system.
Key Features
This book is mainly classified into three parts. The first part deals with health care delivery system including functions of primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals including superspecialty services. The second part includes importance of nursing records, medical records and quality assurance standards, and legal aspects of electronic records. Designed prototype has been prepared for various nursing care services for the software company to develop appropriate digital screens as part of computerization of nursing records. The third part incorporates electronic nursing recording training program including syllabus for specially tailormade four-week nursing information technology database, and also the readymade slide presentation for the course for nursing educational institutions and supported by definitions of medical specialties and nursing formats, which will help in training adequate nursing personnel to be acquainted with the electronic nursing record system.
The book would be of immense use to all the nursing staff including junior, senior, academic, and administrative and those engaged in other nursing activities. This book will be and a boon for all the nursing educational institutions and other professionals, e.g. medical, paramedical including laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, nutritionists, biomedical, engineering and administrative, finance staff and will also be extremely valuable for the software companies developing hospital information system including electronic health and nursing records.
Target Audience
Nursing students.
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