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1st MBBS Explorer
Indranil Banerjee MBBS

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Publish Year2016
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This book not only distinguishes the ‘nice to know’ facts from the ‘must know’ facts, but is also an attempt to provide a sense of confidence to the readers in their endeavor in completing the syllabus. A section has been provided in Chapter 4, where I have mentioned some vital facts about how to study bones and viscera. This book is a guide book and a ready reference of the latest trends and so it must not be treated like a textbook.
Key Features
• The book contains West Bengal University of Health Science’s syllabus of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry

• Pictures and description of basic slides of histology

• Pictures of transverse sections of the body in anatomy for spotting

• Solved problem cards in biochemistry

• Last 22 years’ 1st Professional MBBS-Regular (1994-2015) and Supplementary (2009-2014) Questions

• Detailed biochemistry practical notes on identification of carbohydrates, proteins, glycerol, cholesterol, abnormal constituents of urine, titration of gastric juice and alkali, colorimetry, Beer-Lambert law, estimation of blood sugar, urea, creatinine and total protein, flame photometer, chromatography

• Model test papers of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry with rules for answering questions

• Format of theory paper and practical examination with marks distribution in university examination.
Target Audience
Undergraduate students.
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