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Golden Notes for Community Health Nursing-I
Parimal Patel, Khushbu Makadia

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Publish Year2023
Size6.75" x 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Quick Overview
The Golden Notes of Community Health Nursing-I is a comprehensive guide for nursing professionals that provides key insights and information on how to provide exceptional care within community health settings.
Key Features
  • It is designed as per the revised syllabus of community health nursing and is useful for all nursing courses.
  • It provides a detailed overview of community health nursing, including its history, purpose, and key principles.
  • It covers a variety of topics related to community health nursing, such as public health, epidemiology, and health promotion.
  • It includes all the important health data from NFHS 5, the latest SRS reports and all other government newsletters related to various national health programs.
  • It provides detailed guidance on how to conduct community health assessments, develop community health programs, and evaluate the effectiveness of these programs.
  • It offers practical advice on how to work with diverse populations and address the unique needs of specific communities.
  • It provides guidelines on how to develop and implement health education programs, including how to assess community knowledge and attitudes about health.
  • It covers a variety of health issues and conditions that community health nurses may encounter, such as infectious diseases, chronic disease management, and mental health.
  • It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork in community health nursing.
  • It provides practical resources and tools, such as checklists and templates, to help community health nurses deliver effective care.
Target Audience
Nursing Students
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