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The Skills of History Taking for Medical Students and Practitioners
Rahul Tanwani MS MCh

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Publish Year2021
Size5.5"" x 8.5""
cover TypePaper Back
FormatSingle Color
Weight (Grams) 300 Grams
Quick Overview
Communication with the patients is an art and every doctor keeps on learning it throughout his life. First, he learns from his teachers and then from his experiences. Most of the literature available in our country has emphasized on the examination part of the patients while the section of history taking is summarized only in the initial few pages. Moreover, as the art of communication is greatly influenced by the culture and lifestyle of the people, its literature from the foreign sources cannot be blindly replicated for the students and doctors of our country. This book is all about the practical aspect of history taking, based on the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of our country. It specifically focuses upon the most under-covered aspect of communication: How to ask? It has been especially designed to cover the maximum topics of AETCOM module, which has been recently introduced in our medical curriculum. It includes a detailed description of format of history taking and its presentation for our medical students.
Key Features
  • This edition has been formatted according to the structure and recommendations of novel AETCOM Module.
  • Focuses on practical aspect of history taking.
  • All recommendations and suggestions are supported by some real-life examples.
  • Includes the description of six major skills of communication during clinical practice.
  • It will help students in improving their communication with various types of patients, both in their present as well as in the future life.
Target Audience
  • Medical Students and Practitioners
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