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Monograph Immune-mediated Neurological Disorders
Editors: Lakshmi Narsimhan Ranganathan MD DNB (Internal Medicine) DM (Neuro) DNB (Neuro) PhD (Neuro) FAAN FRCP (London) FRCP (Glasgow) FACP FIAN MNAMS
Mugundhan Krishnan MD DM (Neuro) FRCP (Glasgow) FRCP (London) FRCP (Ireland) FACP (USA) FICP
Rajesh Shankar Iyer MD DM DNB MNAMS MRCP (UK) (Neurology) FRCP (Glasgow)

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Publish Year2022
Size6.25" x 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Quick Overview
In this monograph, various autoimmune disorders of the nervous system have been discussed. After a brief introduction to the subject in the first chapter, various neural antibodies have been elaborated which help in understanding the disease in the second and then move on to their laboratory diagnosis in the third. In the subsequent five chapters, autoimmune disorders affecting the upper storey have been discussed including the dementias, demyelinating diseases, epilepsies, movement disorders and the cerebellar ataxias. A brief outline about the autoimmune myelopathies in the ninth chapter is followed by a sojourn into the lower storey and how the disorder affects the peripheral nerves, neuromuscular junction, and the muscle in the subsequent three chapters. Finally, different treatment options and the current guidelines are looked upon.
Key Features
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of subspecialty of neurology to the practicing physicians.
  • Includes chapters focusing the spectrum of neurological presentations associated with various antibodies, the approach to autoimmune syndrome in a patient with specific neurological presentation, and the final chapter on immunotherapy crowns the masterpiece.
  • Chapters are excellently written with suitable information crisply condensed in Tables, Flowcharts, and Images.
  • Salient points are suitably summarized at the end of the chapter and help the resident in rapid revision and a busy practitioner with maximum information at a minimum glance.
Target Audience
Physicians and Trainees
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