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Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Author: Debasis Basu MD (Internal Medicine)
Author Assistant: Kiran Bahrus MSc (Clinical Research - UK)

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Publish Year2017
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Key Features
• A comprehensive book that describes case scenarios with various afflictions of the musculoskeletal system in the setting of diabetes mellitus in a concise and clinically-oriented manner.

• An illustrated text which provides deep insight into the pathomechanics of each disease entity.

• Divided into seven chapters connecting the entire ambit of both ends of the spectrum of diabetes and diseases of bones and joints.

• Provides streamlined content supplemented by tables, images and algorithms.

• An ideal reference book for all endocrinologists, diabetologists, internists, and even primary care physicians; a unique one indeed.

• Contains up-to-date reviews of modern understanding and current practice recommendations.

Target Audience
Professional & Reference
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